Well being is more than the physical body: it is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. The Well-BEing program provides you with the resources to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Volunteers of America National Services is committed to the overall well-being of those we serve and each other. We realize that well-being goes beyond the physical health of a person. Well-BEing is about optimizing your mind, body and spirit. Our Well-BEing philosophy is based on maximizing these eight dimensions.

February 2023 Well-BEing Calendar

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Each month, our communities and support center provide a rich calendar of activities to address these dimensions and ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to be the best they can be and live their best life. Contact your community for their current life enrichment calendar or click on this link to view the calendar from our support center.


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Our Well-BEing programs, events, and support are available to all VOA residents, clients, participants, and staff. We strive to provide engaging events that cover physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, and service-based wellness at all of our locations. If you see an event you would like to participate in, please reach out to your community manager.

February 2023 Well-BEing Calendar

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About VOA Senior Services & Care

At VOA, we have a mission to provide an active senior lifestyle and community that supports the whole health of the individual. We believe that life deserves to be celebrated regardless of where they call home. Whether you are looking to move into a senior living community, receive at-home care, or need short- or long-term senior care, you will love our programmatic services that help you take care of your mind, body, and soul. Live life to the fullest with VOA.

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